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Grapes are a form of berry and one of the most valuable fruits. They are round or oval in shape and come in a variety of colour, shapes and taste. They are delicious, highly nutritious and most easily digestible. Grapes are one of Nature’s precious gifts for the revitalization of the human system. They have high contents of vitamins A, B2, B6 and C and also contain many health promoting flavonoids. Grape sugar differs from other sugars chemically. It enters the circulation without any action of the saliva, rapidly increase strength and energy to fight infections. They also contain large amount of tartaric, malic, succinic, and fumaric acids to give the following health benefits.

Anti-inflammation – Anti-inflammatory agents in grapes greatly help reduce the risks of rheumatism and arthritis.

Bone health – Manganese and iron which are important in the formation of healthy bones can be found in grapes. They also help in the assimilation of calcium.

Cholesterol – Grapes contain a compound called pterostilbene which can lower bad cholesterol. Saponins present in grape skin can also prevent the absorption of cholesterol by binding it.

Diabetes – Recent research suggest that grape skin extract (GES) exerts a novel inhibitory activity on hyperglycaemia and may help in diabetes management.

Fats reduction – Resveratrol particularly when combined with soy isoflavones works on the body to recuse cell’s ability to store fat and causes fat cells to disintegrate at a rate 246 percent higher than normal.

Gout – Grapes help dissolve uric acid crystals for natural pain relief for gout.

Hypertension – Grapes contain natural source of antioxidant and other polyphenols to lower blood pressure.

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