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Uttarabodhi Mudra

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Uttarabodhi Mudra

Uttarabodhi mudra is the mudra of highest enlightenment. It refreshes the mind, body and soul and is useful to remove fear and anxiety. This mudra is said to be able to help one de-stress and improve concentration by purifying the mind from negative thoughts.

Hold the hands in front of the solar plexus, at the level of your stomach. Interlock the fingers. Index fingers and thumbs of both hands should be joined together. The index fingers should be pointing to the ceiling and thumb should point to downward direction to the floor. Hold this mudra for as long as you want.

Affirmation : My partnership with the powers of the cosmos allows my life to appear in a new light.

Author: ORA

Our mission is to bring back good health, positive thinking, happiness and love to all our followers and friends. We hope to help people realize that their body has self-healing mechanism and we hope to educate and provide the tools necessary to live a long, healthy and happy life.

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